The company UAB Sigma Trans, managed by Sigitas Gudjonis, has been operating since 1997. A successful logistics services company that regularly organizes car and cargo transportation in the Baltic States and Europe. We are interested in offering quality car and cargo transportation services, ensuring impeccable quality of customer service, and developing a transparent and responsible business.

In 2017-2018, the company was awarded silver and gold “Stable Company Certificates”.

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For more than 20 years, UAB Sigma Trans has been transporting cars on various routes in European countries: Germany, France, the Czech Republic, Belgium, Italy, Slovakia, the Netherlands and others. We carry both new and used cars. All cargo is covered by CMR insurance

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Susisiekite su mumis ir aptarsime tolimesnius bendradarbiavimo galimybes. Dėl plataus Jūsų reikmėms pritaikytų poreikių spektro, galime pasiūlyti įvairius su transportu susijusius sprendimus.


Today we have 22 car carriers that each can carry 9-10 cars. We communicate with more around 100 regular customers.

Every year, we fulfill more than 4,000 orders from road hauliers throughout Europe and beyond.

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